When you’re running marketing campaigns on multiple mediums and platforms, it’s common to wonder exactly what’s working and what isn’t. Performance Mode’s advanced dropdown menu called Tracking provides clarity by filtering your campaign results with UTM parameters.

Performance Mode tracking filters are available to users with Ontraport Pro accounts and above. Please note that this feature only works if you have UTM tracking set up for the links within your campaign.


  • In the top navigation bar, click the campaigns tab and then click into the campaign you want to see filtered results for.
  • Click Performance.
    the performance mode tab
  • Click the tracking dropdown.
  • A fill-in-the-blank sentence will appear that says, “These are the _____ which the contacts on this map _____ clicked.”
    1. In the first blank, select one of the five UTM parameters.
    2. In the second blank, select First or Last click.
  • Click the orange done button.

    The stats on your campaign map will automatically update to reflect your new parameters.
  • Click on any element within your map to see more in-depth information.