In Ontraport, you can view your automation results with Performance Mode, which displays stats for each part of your automation map in real time. Using Performance Mode is a great way to keep a pulse on the success of your automations and spot any areas that need attention.

  • In your Ontraport account, click into the automation map you want to see results for.
  • Click the performance tab.
  • In the Report dropdown, choose which automation report you want to view.
  • Set your date range filter to narrow or expand the scope of your report.
  • Look at the stats displayed throughout your automation map. To get a breakdown of what each stat means, check out this article.
  • Click into any element within your map to see more in-depth information. A new tab will open displaying all the contacts who passed through that element in your specified date range.
  • If you want to take further manual action with this list of contacts — such as sending a quick email>or applying a tag — click the edit group button, name your group, then click the orange save button.