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Perform actions on contacts
Last updated on: January 10, 2023

You can manually perform different actions with your contacts, such as sending an email, adding/removing a tag or adding a contact to an automation map and more.

Follow the steps below to perform actions from inside of your Contacts collection. If you want to perform actions with automation, check out this article.

Perform actions on a group of contacts

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Select a group from the group dropdown menu.
  3. Hover over the  icon and click All in Group.
  4. Select an action to perform.

All in group example

Here are the actions you can choose from:

Note: Some features are not available in Ontraport Basic and Plus level accounts.

To perform actions on individual contacts

You also have many of the same options available from the action bar at the very top of your contact records.

Here are the actions you can choose from:

Contact actions

There are two actions that only make sense to perform on one contact at a time, which is why you can only access them from inside your contact records.

You can also perform these actions from your Deals, Companies and other custom object records:

  1. Send Email
  2. Send SMS
  3. Add/Remove Custom Facebook Audiences
  4. Log Phone Call
  5. Send Double Opt-in Message
  6. Assign Task
  7. Delete record
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 Pro tips

Tip #1: If you schedule an email to be sent to a group of contacts at a future date/time, your email will only be sent to the specific contacts who were in the group when you set it up. 

If you want to schedule an email to a group you’re still adding contacts to, use a automation to send the email.

Tip #2: Your logged phone calls are stored in the notes section of your contact’s record.

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