If you segment your list with groups, you may want to perform actions, such as sending an email, assigning/removing a tag, or adding contacts to a campaign, on entire groups all at once (or on select contacts). You’ll do this using group actions.

While you can
create automated campaigns that perform these actions to the appropriate groups of contacts, using group actions is a manual option that you perform inside of Contacts.



Go to .

  • Select a group from the group dropdown menu.
  • Hover over the  icon to expose group selection options and click All in group to select all the contacts in the group.
  • Select an action to perform from the menu which will appear at the top of the screen.

Here are the available actions:

  1. Send Email (scheduled broadcast)
  2. Send SMS
  3. Assign Task
  4. Add/Remove Tags
  5. Add/Remove Campaigns
  6. Send Postcard
  7. Send Double Opt-in Confirmation
  8. Change Field Value
  9. Export Contacts
  10. Delete Contacts
  11. Legacy Feature: Add/Remove Sequences (only appears if feature is turned on from Administration)
  12. Advanced Feature: Add/Remove Custom Facebook Audiences (only appears if feature is turned on from Administration)

Note: Some features are not available in Ontraport Basic and Plus level accounts.