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Performance mode stats and reports
Last updated on: April 6, 2023

Performance Mode is a view within each of your automation maps that allows you to keep track of automation results in real time. To get the most out of this view, it’s important to understand the various reports and stats that are available.

Performance Mode is available to all Ontraport users. For access to marketing ROI tracking stats and UTM tracking filters, you’ll need an Ontraport Pro account or above.

Performance Mode reports

To view Performance Mode, click on Performance in the top right.

the performance mode tab

The report dropdown gives you six options to choose from, each displaying a different set of stats about your contacts’ automation journey:

the description of contact flow reporting

  • Contact Flow Reports: See how contacts have moved through your automation map and find out where they are now.
  • Funnel Conversion Reports: Monitor conversion rates from goal to goal starting with a trigger.
  • Lifetime Value Reports: Find out the total and average amount of money spent by the contacts who hit any element.
  • Goal Conversion Rate: Learn how well the elements of your automation are performing and which ones are most effective.
  • Goal Conversion Point: Get an in-depth look at which elements are most effective at driving conversions. When you click on each goal element within your automation, this report will show you where contacts were on your map when they converted.
  • Goal Conversion Time: See how long it took new leads to achieve each automation goal. This can help you forecast how long it will take future leads to convert from any given lead source.

Understanding Performance Mode stats

As you navigate through the reports in Performance Mode, you’ll see all the stats below. Here’s what each one means:

  • Contacts were here: The total number of contacts who visited a particular element, but are not there now
  • Contacts here now: The total number of contacts who are currently sitting on an element
  • Contacts’ conversion rate: The rate at which contacts achieve the desired action (found on goals only)
  • Conversion time: The average amount of time it took a contact to achieve a selected goal from a particular element
  • Conversion point: The number and percentage of users who achieved the selected goal from a particular element
  • Total visitors: The total number of visitors a page has received (on trigger elements only)
  • Amount spent and average spent: The overall amount and the average amount of money contacts spent (on all products, all time) when they hit each element when viewing the Lifetime Value report
  • Email stats: The number of sends, opens, clicks and opt-outs an email message has received
  • Connector stats: There are two different types of stats that appear on the path (the grey line between elements). These connector stats are:
    • # of contacts: The number of contacts that went down this path
    • % of contacts: The % of contacts that went down this path

Filtering the stats

If you have an Ontraport Pro account or above and have UTM tracking enabled, you can also filter your stats by UTM parameters. Here’s how to use tracking filters in your automation maps.

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 Pro tips
Tip #1: Are your numbers not adding up? There are two common reasons why you aren’t seeing what you expect:
  1. Contacts can be in more than one place on an automation map at a time. For example, if your automation has several triggers that can add a contact to the map, such as multiple forms, it’s not unusual for someone to fill out more than one. This can also happen if a contact achieves multiple goals in the same map.
  2. The “were here” stats Performance Mode shows are unique. This means that if contacts are re-added by triggers, your stats will only display the first time a contact was added.
Tip #2: All the stats in your reports — except for conversion rates, visitors and percentages — are clickable and will create an ad hoc group of the contacts making up that stat.
Tip #3: The numbers you see only reflect contact activity within the timeframe set in the date range. To see all historical statistics for the automation map, select All Time Data in the date range.
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