Although Ontraport automatically manages transactions, when you need to manually intervene, you can manage each contact’s transactions in the purchases tab of the contact record.

The ability to manage contact transactions is available to users with Ontraport Plus accounts and above.

Transaction Statuses

The transaction section shows you all of your contacts’ past purchases along with each transaction’s status:

  1. Collections: this open order payment failed to process and was added to collections to retry the card.
  2. Paid: this transaction was successful.
  3. Refunded: this transaction was refunded.
  4. Voided: your Ontraport account will ignore this transaction.
  5. Declined: this transaction failed to process.
  6. Write Off: this open order payment failed to be collected through your recharge settings.

Actions for Existing Transactions

edit transaction actions selection

The following eight options are easily accessible in the actions menu. Here is a summary of each one:

  1. Mark as Paid: Available for unpaid transactions, such as those in collections, this option marks the transaction as paid without processing it through the payment gateway.
  2. Rerun Transaction: Available for transactions in collections, this option attempts to process the transaction through the payment gateway. This is most often used after manually updating the credit card details and is not available for standard PayPal transactions.
  3. Refund Transaction: This option marks the transaction as refunded and, with all gateways except PayPal, attempts to process the refund through the gateway.
    1. If you are using PayPal Standard, you must process the refund through PayPal, then use this function to mark it as refunded in Ontraport.
    2. Some gateways have a time limit on refunds or may limit the ability to refund charges, and Ontraport cannot change this. We recommend that you verify your first refund through the payment gateway by logging into the gateway’s administration section.
  4. Void Transaction: This option is available for transactions that are already paid and those in collections. Voiding a transaction erases it but does not attempt to void or refund the transaction through the payment gateway.
  1. Write Off: This option marks a transaction in collections status as a write off. Accounting systems may treat any orders in collections as bad debt and written off after a defined period of time, such as 90 days. Check with your accountant for the proper use of this feature, as it varies by business type and tax authority.
  2. Re-run Commission: Most commonly used after manually updating a contact record’s first and last referrer, this option re-runs the commission calculation. This can have the effect of removing a commission from one partner and adding it to another, or adding a commission to a partner who was not originally specified in the first or last referrer fields when the transaction was completed.
  3. Resend Invoice: This option resends the original invoice to the contact.
  4. Export Transactions: This option allows you to select one or all transactions and export them. You can send a CSV file to any email address you specify. All prior export files are stored in the Export History section to download again.

NOTE: If an action is not available for the selected transaction, it will not be shown or will be greyed out.