The Ontraport Tracking Script is a snippet of code that allows Ontraport to keep track of your visitors for you, ultimately enabling us to show you who’s visiting your site, where they came from and a lot more. To allow Ontraport to do its magic, you need to have our tracking script installed on every page of every website you run.

For Ontraport Pages

For any page built using Ontraport Pages, your script is automatically installed. Nothing to do here!

For WordPress sites

This method works for Plus accounts and above. Basic account holders can use the third method below to set up visitor tracking.

If you run a WordPress site, the easiest way to install the Ontraport script on every page is to install our plugin called PilotPress, which you can find here.

Note that this plugin can do a lot more than simply install our tracking script, but you don’t need to worry about that stuff just now. Just install it and make sure it’s enabled.

Also, if for whatever reason you don’t want to install PilotPress on your WordPress site, you can also follow the instructions below to add our script manually to your site.

For other sites that aren’t WordPress or Ontraport Pages

For this, you’ll need to add our script to each page on your site. Most site-builders have a place where you can paste this once and it’ll be added to every page automatically. You’ll typically want to place this script in the footer of each page (right before the /body tag).

You can find your tracking script here. Then click Get Tracking Code.