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View email performance
Last updated on: April 10, 2023

Keeping track of your email performance lets you know if your emails are getting opened and clicked on so you can continue to improve them.

The best place to view email statistics in your Ontraport account will depend on how the message was sent. Follow the steps below to monitor your emails’ performance.

To view the manual send history of an individual message:

This is a good option if you are interested in looking at the performance of one-off sends for one specific email at a time.

  • Go to AutomationsMessages → click on your message’s name.
  • Click Stats.
  • You will see two sections on the stats page: “Broadcasts” and “Link Clicks.”
    • Broadcasts show you stats for Sent, Opened, Unsubscribed, and Unique clicks for each broadcast of the message.
    • From the link clicks section you will be able to view how many times your contacts have clicked on specific links.

To view the history of all manually sent emails:

Broadcast History gives you an overview of all emails you have manually sent in your account to two or more contacts, allows you to manage scheduled sends, and lets you view their performance all in one place. You can also view the performance of emails sent to a single contact if it was scheduled to send at a later time. You can create groups, sort by status, sort by type of email sent, see why messages weren’t able to be sent, and track the same stats available for individual messages. This is the place to go if you need a powerful overview of the performance of all of your one-off email sends, to easily sort information with filters, and search using groups.

To sort by status:

  • Go to ContactsBroadcast History.
  • Click Type:All and select a status:
    • Sent
    • Pending
    • Processing
    • Stalled
    • Failed
    • Canceled

To view Broadcast History groups by type:

  • Go to ContactsBroadcast History.
  • Click Type: All and select a type:
    • OntraMail
    • Quick Emails
    • Legacy Email

To view stats for emails on automation maps:

If your messages are sent via automation, you can view your stats right on the map.

  • Go to Contacts → Automations and click the name of your automation map.
  • Click Performance.
  • Hover over a “Send an Email” element and click .
    • View the numbers for Sent, Opened, Clicked, and Opt Out.
    • Click on the numbers of contacts who opened, clicked, etc. to open a new tab with that group.

The timeframe for the email stats shown on your automation map will depend on the date range selected on Performance Mode.

To view stats in the message collection:

Viewing message stats from the message collection will allow you to see at once how several messages are performing.

  • Go to Contacts → Messages.
  • Click in the top right corner.
  • Click Add and click the name of the column you would like to add:
    • Sent
    • Clicked
    • Opened
    • Not Opened
    • Not Clicked
    • Complaints
    • Opt Outs
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 Pro tips
1. To protect contact privacy, you will only be able to see complaint rate percentage; it is not possible to create groups of contacts who have complained on a message.
2. Contacts > Broadcast History and clicking the subject of your message. Click the subject again to hide your email’s details.
3. Quick Emails do not have a name in Broadcast History, but you can identify them by subject.
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