Tracked links are a powerful automation tool that you can use nearly anywhere online to trigger actions based on links your cookied contacts click. They’re a simple way to record specific link clicks in contacts’ records so that you can set up automation.

Check out this Ontraport University lesson to learn more about tracked links:

Create tracked links

  • Navigate to  → DataTracked Links.
  • Click the new tracked link button and name your link.
  • Enter the link you want to track in the Destination URL field and click the blue save button.

To add tracked links to non-Ontraport assets

  • From your tracked links collection,  click the  icon to add a Tracking URL Code column then click.
  • Copy the tracking URL code and paste it where you would like the link to appear. Because it’s a standard HTML link code, it can be used on virtually any web page.

Create and add tracked links in any Ontraport editor

(Pages, mail and forms)

  • Highlight the text you want to hyperlink and click the hyperlink icon.
  • Select Tracked Link from the Create a Link dialog box.
  • Select an existing tracked link or create your own by clicking + New Tracked Link.
  • Click .