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What is the API?

API (Application Programming Interface) allows for integrating third party software with Ontraport so that users can do more with their accounts and share data across platforms.

Whether you’re a developer who would like to create your own integrations with Ontraport or a user who would like to use webhooks to add additional functionality to your automation, you can use Ontraport’s API to accomplish your goals.

A computer user and an example block of API data in JSON format

Using the API

You can perform the same actions that are available in Ontraport through the API, such as adding contacts, changing contacts and adding fields. You can also use webhooks to automate actions through the API that may be a little bit more tricky to perform manually or through automation maps, such as creating a new deal every time an interest form is filled out.

API endpoints are the locations where APIs can reach the resources they need to perform the action you want to take. Ontraport provides the following endpoints to our users:

  1. Automations
  2. Contacts
  3. Credit Cards
  4. Forms
  5. Messages
  6. Pages
  7. Offers
  8. Products
  9. Rules
  10. Transactions
  11. Tasks

API Features

API Key and App ID

Whether you’re an Ontraport user looking to integrate your account with another tool or a developer building an integration, you must obtain a unique API key and App ID in order to get started making requests on our API.

Obtain Ontraport API Key and App ID


Webhooks are a way to send information from Ontraport to a third party application, script, or website. They essentially allow your online accounts and integrated platforms to “speak” to each other.


API Documentation

This complete API documentation gives you all the information you need to use our API, including relevant use cases. You can also use the API Live Doc to test your API code.

API Documentation

API Live Doc

Sandbox Accounts

Ontraport Sandbox accounts are a complimentary service for our Ontraport Experts, media outlets and those wishing to test their integrations with our API.

With Sandbox accounts you can:

  1. Develop integrations with our extensive API and easily test them at your convenience.
  2. Experiment with new automation maps and demonstrate features to your clients in a risk-free environment.
  3. Discover Ontraport’s full functionality and brainstorm new ways to improve your business.

Ontraport Sandbox Accounts

PHP Client Library

This client library provides code examples to interact with SDK (Software Development Kit).

PHP Client Library

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