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PilotPress settings
Last updated on: April 14, 2023

This article is for those building a membership site using WordPress and PilotPress. If you're using Ontraport Membership Sites, click here. If you're getting started and don't know which to choose, this article will help.

After connecting your existing or new WordPress site to Ontraport, you’ll configure your PilotPress settings to ensure you’ll have the features and functionality you’d like.

Configure your PilotPress Settings

Log in to the admin seat of your WordPress site and click SettingsPilotPress to access the following settings:

General Settings:

  • Enter the Application ID and API Key information.
  • Lock all users without admin role out of the profile editor and WordPress profile editor.

Ontraport Integration Settings:

  • Enable the customer center (checkbox).
  • Enable the partner center (checkbox).
  • Select which center has priority if the member is both a customer and a partner.
  • Enable discrete nicknames (checkbox). The first part of an email address is used as a contact’s nickname in WordPress.

Post-Login Redirect Settings:

  • Customers Redirect To: Select the page you want to direct members to upon login.
  • Partners Redirect To: Select the page you want to direct partners to upon login.

Customer Center Settings:

  • Custom Header Image: Set the image that you would like to appear at the top of your Customer Center page.
  • Primary Color: Click into the field to pick a color you would like to set for the headers of your Customer Center.
  • Secondary (Background) Color: Click into the field to pick a color to display as the background of your Customer Center sections.

New User Registration Settings:

  • Sync WordPress users to your Ontraport contacts:
    • No: Do not automatically sync registration on WordPress to your Ontraport account.
    • Yes, new users only: Start syncing new registrations to Ontraport, but ignore all existing users.
    • Yes, new and existing users: Sync all existing users in WordPress to Ontraport as new contacts.
  • Select which tag (if any) you would like to add to WordPress users upon login.
  • Select which (if any) sequences users should be added to.
  • Select which (if any) automation maps the contact should be added to.

Logout Settings:

  • Would you like to keep users logged in to your site longer than normal? Select yes if you would like to extend the amount of time contacts can stay logged in to your site.

Advanced Settings

Click Advanced Settings to show three settings that are less commonly used:

  • Disable Verify Host SSL: This setting is used when you manually edit the wp-config.php file to bypass SSL verification temporarily for manual program updates, and you want the PilotPress API calls to proceed during the update. If you are not getting error messages about the SSL certificate (such as “the SSL certificate for the host could not be verified”), this does not need to be checked.
  • Use WordPress URL instead of Site URL: In most cases, the WordPress URL and Site URL are the same. The most common reason for your URLs to be different, is if you have configured a separate home page specified in Settings → General Settings → Site Address (URL) that links or redirects to the location where WordPress is installed. In order for PilotPress to find its configuration files, it will need the location of where WordPress is installed, and this checkbox forces it to look at the “WordPress URL” instead of the default “Site URL.”
  • Clear PilotPress Cache: PilotPress caches data about the members when they log in to speed up page rendering. This button forces an update of the cached data. It does not log anyone out but may cause a momentary delay of a half second when clicked.
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