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Create and edit your page
Last updated on: April 10, 2023

Ontraport’s page editor (called Pages in app) allows you to customize pages using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Pages are made up of elements, such as text and images, that are housed inside of blocks which are the frames that create the layout of your page. Creating a page is simply a matter of arranging blocks and styling the elements to your liking.

Check out the video about creating and publishing a page to learn more.

Table of contents

Create a page from scratch
Edit your page settings
Edit your element settings
Set up desktop and mobile views
Use Ontraport’s AI Copywriter

Create a page from scratch

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  1. Go to PagesNew Landing Page.
  2. Choose to start from scratch — you also have the option to pick a pre-built template to customize.
  3. Name your page.
  4. Click the plus symbol icon to add a block to your page.
    • Click to open your block’s settings, and add columns and rows to create the layout of your page.
  5. Click and drag the page element you’d like to add from the pallet to your canvas.
    • You can add forms either by adding form blocks to your page or by adding form elements to your page to build a custom form.

Edit your page settings

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  • Click Settings on the top left to edit your page settings.
  • Click revision history to view previously published versions of your page.
    • To restore a previously published version, choose the version of your page that you want to revert back to, then click SelectContinue to confirm your changes.
  • Click to share your page with other users.
  • Click to split test your page.

Edit your element settings

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  • Click the element you want to edit, then:
    • Click Settings to set up your elements.
    • Click Style to customize the appearance of your element.
    • Click Position to control the padding, margins, alignment and sizing of your element.

Note: some elements, such as text and icons, don’t have a style button.

Set up desktop and mobile views

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At the top of your page editor, there are three icons you can use to customize how your page appears when it’s visited on different devices.

  • Click to see all blocks on your page — both desktop and mobile-only blocks.
  • Click to see how your page will display on computers.
  • Click to see how your page will display on mobile devices. You can also set mobile fonts and mobile width.
    • Mobile width — or mobile breakpoint setting — lets you choose the viewing screen width that will trigger your page to be presented with mobile styling.

Use Ontraport’s AI Copywriter

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Create compelling page content quickly and easily with our AI Copywriter. The AI Copywriter uses natural language processing and machine learning to craft specific content on the subject matter you request. And you can select the format, such as “bullet points,” “paragraph summary” or “five sentences.”

Here are the steps:

  1. In the page editor, click the text box you want to edit.
  2. Click the AI Copywriter button on the top right.
    • The AI Copywriter window prompt will pop up.

  1. Tell it what you’d like in your copy and it will generate page content based on your input. The AI Copywriter will then generate copy based on your request.
    • The AI Copywriter will be most likely to produce desired results if you provide it with details about subject, length, format, tone and style.
    • For example, “Write me a short, upbeat paragraph about the benefits for couples attending my seminar on interpersonal communication happening next Wednesday. Include these benefits: better conflict management skills, lower cortisol levels and deeper connection with your partner.”

  1. If you are satisfied with the result, click Copy text and paste it wherever you like.
  2. If you don’t like the result or want to generate more copy, click Try Again. Your original input will remain but all AI-generated copy will be cleared.
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 Pro tips
Tip #1: Once you’ve edited a page, block or element to your liking, you can save it as a Favorite by clicking the heart icon that appears near it. This allows you to easily access and use it again.
Tip #2: If your page includes a form, be sure the Submit button is housed within the same block as the form fields.
Tip #3: You can toggle on hidden, advanced settings to customize your page’s design even further. Here’s how:
  1. When editing form field elements, hidden settings can be enabled by hovering over the field, clicking the gear icon and clicking Advanced.
  2. When editing block settings, the hidden settings can be enabled by clicking the toggle buttons next to the padlock icons.
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