Ontraport offers a 14-day free trial so that you can learn and build in our software before purchasing. In order to get the most out of your two free weeks, we want you to know what’s in your toolbox right from the start. In this article you’ll learn how to sign up for a free account, how to troubleshoot any issues, and how to use your resources, and you’ll find suggestions for how you can get the most out of your account.


How to get started with your free trial

Before you start

  1. Be sure to sign up with a valid email address that you have access to. This email address will be the username that you log in with and also the email we use to send you important Ontraport messages. 
  2. Whitelist Ontraport’s email address. To ensure that Ontraport messages make it to your inbox, please follow these steps to whitelist Ontraport.

Sign up for a free trial account

  • Visit ontraport.com and click .
  • On the signup form, enter your information and click Start my free trial.

Activate your account

  • Check your inbox for an activation email.
  •  Inside the email, click .
  • Fill in your business information, then click Log in to access your account.
  • This will bring you to your account’s contact collection. To book your first free setup call, hover over your notifications,, and click.



If you have not received your activation email:

  • Check your spam folder.
  • If you still can’t find your email, whitelist Ontraport emails.
  • Log in to your Ontraport account with your email and password.
  • Click Resend the email.
  • If you still haven’t received your activation email, reach out to Support to have a team member activate your account for you.

If the activation link in your email brings you to an error:

  1. This means your link has expired. Reach out to Support to activate your account.


Resources for getting the most out of your free trial

  1. Book a free screenshare setup call with one of our highly trained reps to get your account up and running quickly. Everything you set up on your call will be saved in your account, and the recorded call will be sent to you afterwards along with more relevant training resources.
  2. Join our Facebook User Community to connect with thousands of active Ontraport users, share ideas and ask questions.
  3. Check out our Fundamentals Courses to see what’s under the hood of your Ontraport account and get an understanding of the foundations that make up our platform so you can work faster and smarter in the long run.
  4. Explore our training resources.
    1. Clickin the bottom right corner of your screen to access the following resources:
      1. Step-by-step Guides: Learn how to configure the settings and automation you want in your account with walkthroughs that lead you through the app, show you where to click and explain the process as you go 
      2. Quick Start Checklist: Get your new account set up quickly with checklists that focus on the basics that every new account needs — such as importing your contacts and sending your first email. You can also learn how to collect leads, sell products and even set up your own membership site. 
      3. Resources: Access your learning resources —  such as training, the Fundamentals Courses, use cases and more —  in one convenient area. 
      4. Contact Support: Contact support reps through live chat, scheduled screenshare calls and submitting a support ticket. You can also view your past tickets and submit feedback and feature requests. 
      5. Live Chat — Chat with a live agent for answers or to resolve any issues you’ve encountered. 
      6. Support Center — Search for the topic you’d like to read about and find a support article that will walk you through the process. 
    2. Clickto get information and articles about the specific page you are viewing.


Whitelist Ontraport emails

The best way to make sure the emails you really want to receive don’t get sent to spam is to whitelist the addresses from the people and companies you know. To ensure your important free trial emails are delivered to your inbox, you can add Ontraport’s email address to your inboxes whitelist, also known as Approved or Safe Sender list.


  • Click Contacts on the left side of your inbox. 
  • Click the New Contact icon and add Support@ontraport.com.
  • Click Add Contact at the bottom.keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

Apple Mailkeyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

  • Click Mail → Preferences → Rules.
  • Click Add Rule.
  • Add “Whitelist Ontraport” in the description field. 
  • Set the first dropdown to “any” so that your first condition says “If any of the following conditions are met.”
  • In the next two dropdown menus, add “From” in the first, and “Ends with” in the second.
  • Add “@ontraport.com” in the text field after “Ends with.”
  • Set your dropdowns to “Move Message” to the “mailbox:Inbox:” in the “Perform the following actions” section.
  • Click Ok.keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up


  • Open Gmail, click the Settings icon from the menu → Settings
  • Click Filters and Blocked Addresses → Create a new filter.
  • In the “From” field, add either the email address you want to whitelist or the domain. For example,  support@ontraport.com or @ontraport.com.
  • Click Create filter then select “Never send it to Spam.”
  • Click Create filter again to finish the process.keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

Microsoft Outlook 2019keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

  • Open Outlook and go to the “Home” tab. 
  • In the “Delete” group, click Junk → Junk E-mail Options.
  • Go to the Safe Senders tab and click Add.
  • In the “Add address or domain” dialog box, add the email address or domain name you want to whitelist. For example support@ontraport.com or @ontraport.com.
  • Click OK and confirm the email address or domain appears in your safe senders list.keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up


  • Click the gear icon in the top right → click Options.
  • Click Safe and blocked senders in the “Preventing junk email” section. 
  • Click Safe senders → enter “support@ontraport.com” → click Add to list.keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

Yahoo! Mailkeyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up

  • Go to the “Settings menu” and click Settings. 
  • Click Filters → Add.  
  • Add either the email address or domain name you’d like to whitelist. For example support@ontraport.com or @ontraport.com.

Select “Inbox” as the folder to deliver the mail to and click Save.keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up