Knowing who your hottest and most engaged prospects are ensures that your sales team isn’t wasting time cold calling or following up with dead-end leads. Once you’ve established the criteria for what makes a good lead with a lead scoring system, you can begin routing those leads to your salespeople.

You’ll start by creating a lead router in Ontraport which sets up how to route your leads to your team members. Then, you’ll be able to add your lead router in the appropriate place within your automation map
. Once you’ve created a lead router, you can add contacts to it via “add to lead router” automation action elements. The lead router then automatically distributes the leads to your users.

Check out the video about adding a Lead Router to learn more.


By default, when contacts enter your Ontraport account, the account administrator is the  “owner.” However, if you have multiple users in your Ontraport account, you can use lead routing to customize the distribution of your leads to sales reps.

Before you get started setting up your lead routing system, determine which of the two types best suits your sales team:

lead router selection options

  1. Round Robin evenly distributes leads one by one to each of your sales reps (labeled as “users” in your router). Everyone will end up with the same number of leads over time.
  2. Weighted Random allows you to set percentages of leads per user. Use this lead router if you want to assign a greater percentage of leads to certain sales reps and a lower percentage to others. Each new lead who comes in is randomly assigned but with the probability set according to the percentages you set up. This router is designed to give a heavier workload to more experienced reps and a more manageable workload to newer reps. 

Adding your lead router

  • Go to the contacts tab Settings → the lead routing option.
  • Click the orange new lead router button.
  • Choose either round robin or weighted random and click .
  • Name your lead router.
  • Add your account users (your sales reps)

    1. If you chose a weighted random router, you’ll also select the percentage of leads you want routed to each user.
  • Click the blue save button.