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Use tracking filters in automations
Last updated on: April 6, 2023

When you’re running marketing automation on multiple mediums and platforms, it’s common to wonder exactly what’s working and what isn’t. Performance Mode’s advanced dropdown menu called Tracking provides clarity by filtering your automation results with UTM parameters.

Performance Mode tracking filters are available to users with Ontraport Pro accounts and above. Please note that this feature only works if you have UTM tracking set up for the links within your automation maps.

  1. View your automation map in Performance Mode.
  2. Click Tracking.
  3. Click the first dropdown under tracking to select which UTM variable you would like to sort by.
  4. Click the second dropdown to select first or last click.
    • First click allows you to see information for the first link contacts clicked when they opted-in. Not all of your contacts will have first attributions, because they’re only automatically applied to new contacts who clicked a UTM link.
    • Last click allows you to see which email actually brought your contact to complete the action you set your goal for.
  5. Once you fill in both dropdowns, one of two things will happen:
    • If you select “last,” "Please select a goal to view the last click attribution" will appear on your screen. Click the goal you would like to see stats for to view which UTM links contacts clicked before they achieved your goal.
    • If you select “first,” you’ll be able to click a goal to see the first links that were clicked by the contacts who achieved your goal; however, the goal conversion rate report is most meaningful when used with last attributions.
  6. To see the goal conversion rates for specific items, click check to select which items you would like to filter by.
  7. Click Clear All to clear your selections.
  8. Hover over an item and click Details to filter by other UTM parameters.

Example automation

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