If you have a membership site, inevitably you will have members who forget or lose their passwords. This article explains how to set up automation that will send your members an email that includes their existing password.

This campaign is appropriate in cases where higher security is not required: you would not use it if your membership site contains any personally identifiable private information. In those cases, we recommend using the default WordPress “Forgot Password?” process. It is more complex and does not allow you to send a branded email from Ontraport.


Before you can create your campaign and password reminder email to your members, you’ll create a new login page on your WordPress site. Within the login page, you’ll add a link that says “Forgot password?” that leads to a pop-up form. Once submitted your pop-up form will prompt your automated password reminder email to the member.

Part 1: Create a new login page on your WordPress site

  • Log in to your WordPress site as the admin. 
  • Select a WordPress page, or create a new page.
  • Add a classic block and add a custom login form by clicking > Customize it!
  • In the General settings select “Off” in the Forgotten Password dropdown. 

Click Add my Form and save the changes to your page.

Check out the video about creating a login page to learn more.

Part 2: Create a password reminder form

When your members click “Forgot password?” on your login page, this form will pop up and your members will fill it out in order to receive their password reminder email. You’ll create the form in Ontraport in this step, then add it to your login page in WordPress.

  • In Ontraport, go to the campaigns tab > Forms > the orange new form button, proceed to create your form.
    1. We recommend naming it “Password Reminder [Site Name].”
    2. Only include an email field and make it required.
    3. Edit the Submit button to say “Get Password Reminder.”
  • Click the the form settings button icon in the palette.
    1. Set the opt-in settings to Single Opt-In.
    2. Set the Send Contacts Here to Custom URL, and enter the URL to your custom login page.
  • At the bottom of the dialog, click the orange save button to secure the form settings, then click the orange done button.
  • Return to the Blocks on This Page view, and click the blue publish button.
    1. Select the Click to Pop Lightbox option and edit the link text to say “Forgot password?”
    2. Click the blue copy to clipboard button to copy the form code to your clipboard.

Part 3: Add the password reminder form to WordPress:

  • In WordPress, open your custom login page for editing.
  • Click the Text tab in the editor.
  • Paste the form code (from Part 2, step 4) under the login form code.
  • Click the blue publish button to save the page.

Part 4: Create a password reminder/forgotten password campaign

Now that you’ve created your password reminder form and have added it to your login page in WordPress, it’s time to create a campaign that will automatically send members an email with their password when they fill out your form.

Go to the campaigns tab and create a new campaign or open an existing one related to your membership site process.

  • Next you’ll add the form you created in part 2 as a trigger on this campaign. Click the the plus icon icon to the right of the default or other existing triggers and select Contact Submits a Form. Use the dropdown to select the correct form.
  • Adjust the trigger settings:
    1. Who can activate this trigger?: Any contact in account.
    2. If contact is already on map: Add here again when triggered.
    3. This trigger can only be activated once per contact: Leave unchecked.
    4. Click Done.
  • Now you’ll create conditions to send different emails to those who are a member and can receive a password reminder versus those who are not members and don’t have passwords. Under the trigger, click the blue add condition button and select Field is This Value.
    1. In the Select Field dropdown, find Website Subscribers > [Site Name] and select the Status field.
    2. In the Select Condition dropdown, select Not Equal To.
    3. Leave the Select Value dropdown blank.
  • Under the Yes path of the condition, add a Send an Email element. Create the email message to send the current password. Use the merge field for the site’s password. After completing your email settings, click the copy from html button and then the blue save button.
    1. Under the Send an Email element, add an End element. Do not check the “Remove contacts from this campaign when they reach here” checkbox.
  • Under the No path of the condition, add Send an Email element. Create an email message that tells the user they are not currently a member and, therefore, cannot receive a password.
    1. Under the Send an Email element, add an End element. Do not check the “Remove contacts from this campaign when they reach here” checkbox.