Once you have your partner program set up, you will create a sign-up form to get partners enrolled into the program. If you’ve created a partner center, you’ll also need to send them their partner center login information so they can retrieve all their unique affiliate links to promote your products. Finally, you’ll want to send a welcome email and possibly set up ongoing milestone automation to recognize the efforts of partners who achieve a certain amount of sales.

In Ontraport, there’s no need to build this automation map from scratch — we’ve provided a prebuilt automation map in the Automations Marketplace that you can download to your account for free.


Partner sign-up, approval and welcome automation:

Thank partners for each sale they make:

  • Go to the campaigns tabMessages → the orange new message button and create your email.
  • To turn on the email notifications in your partner program:
    1. Go to the partners tab → Programs, and select your partner program.
    2. Locate the section called “Notify partner when they have earned a commission with an email” and select “Send email notification.”
    3. Select the email message created above.

Acknowledge partners for reaching milestones:

For each milestone you wish to create, follow this process:

  • Go to the campaigns tabMessages → the orange new message button and create an email.
    1. In your email congratulating your partner on reaching a milestone, you may wish to use the [Total Sales] or [Number of Sales] merge fields to indicate their exact achievement.
  • To create goals for milestones, go to the campaigns tab and create a new automation map or edit an existing one (you can choose to use the Partner Sign Up, Welcome and Thanks for this).
    1. Add a trigger for Field is Updated.
    2. Select the field Total Sales. Click Done.
    3. Add a condition and set it “equal to” the value of the total sales for the partner milestone.
    4. Add the following trigger settings to ensure that contacts only achieve one milestone at a time and will move up to the next milestone in the future:
      1. Who can activate this trigger?: Only contacts on this automation map.
      2. If contact is already on map, then …: Add here again when triggered.
      3. This trigger can only be activated once per contact: Check this box.
  • Add a the send an email element element below the trigger and select the email you created for the milestone in step one.