It’s not uncommon for people to want to use separate credit cards for different types of purchases. In Ontraport, your customers can add multiple credit cards to their contact record by filling out an order form or by visiting the customer center in a PilotPress-enabled WordPress site. This feature not only improves the customer experience by eliminating the need to re-enter a credit card number with every purchase, but it also provides a backup payment option for subscription payments.

The ability to use multiple credit cards is available to users with Ontraport Pro accounts and above.

Managing credit cards with the customer center

If you are utilizing PilotPress with a WordPress site, the customer center will allow your customers to access their account information and edit their credit card preferences themselves. There are three ways customers can update their card info in the customer center:

  1. Edit credit card info: To make edits, simply select Update Payment Info and make changes as needed.
  2. Designate the card for all payments: To set a preferred credit card, select Use this Card from the Update Payment Info menu.
  3. Delete a card: Contacts can delete any card in the WordPress customer center except for the default card.

To utilize this option, be sure to follow the process on connecting your WordPress site to your Ontraport account via PilotPress and then enabling the Customer Center.

Managing credit cards by updating a form

Alternatively, you can create an order form on a secure landing page and direct your contacts to the page. To make customers aware of this form, you can set up a automation map that notifies clients of an upcoming credit card expiration date and directs them to the form so they can update it.