Offering your leads and customers with discounts via coupon codes is a powerful way to increase engagement and stimulate sales. With Ontraport you can create two types of coupons:

  1. Group coupons: These are codes multiple people can use, such as “BF2020” for a Black Friday discount. These are ideal for targeting a specific market or channel, encouraging opt-ins on your website, or awarding existing customers with a general discount.
  2. Personal coupons: These are unique, automatically generated codes that can only be used by one person, such as “F07DL.” They are ideal for targeting a contact after a page visit, promoting add-on sales for items similar to existing purchases, spurring new sales and re-engaging contacts.

Coupons can:

  1. Offer a percentage or dollar value discount, or a free trial of a subscription product
  2. Apply for all products or a specific product
  3. Have a valid start and end date

The coupon code feature is available to those with Ontraport Plus accounts and above.

To set up coupon codes

  • Go to .
  • Select , then select “Group Coupon” or “Personal Coupon.”
  1. Name your coupon and fill in the coupon fields as prompted.
  2. Click .

To send coupon codes to contacts

You can send coupon codes via email, sms and postcards or you can display them on your pages and forms by using your coupon code merge fields.

  • From a text section, click and scroll to the coupon section. Coupons are listed by the name you selected when creating the coupon.


To enable coupon codes on order forms

When you enable coupon codes on your order form, the “enter coupon code” field will be displayed and your customers can add their coupon when they purchase your product.

  • If your customer enters a valid coupon code their discount will appear on the order summary, and if they enter an invalid code they will be notified before they submit your form.
  • Choose an existing or create a new landing page with an order form block on it.
  • Hover over the order form block then click to edit the block.
  • In the left menu, click Payment Settings.
  • Click Add / Edit Products.
  • Hover over your product and click Insert Coupon Code.