A powerful sales tool to increase engagement and stimulate sales, Ontraport’s coupon codes come in two varieties, personal coupons and group coupons. Personal coupons are unique, custom coupon codes generated by Ontraport for one-time use by a specific contact. Group coupons are general coupon codes that can be customized and used by existing or new contacts. The codes can be delivered via email, SMS or postcards. The coupon code feature is available to those with Ontraport Plus accounts and above.
All coupon codes can be configured with a discount value or percentage on specified products, as well as start/end date and a total number available. Available reporting options include: how many coupons have been redeemed, how many are left to be redeemed, total sales, new contacts added as a result of the coupon, and individual transaction information.



How the discount coupons work:

Coupons can offer a percentage or dollar value discount or a free trial of a subscription product:

  1. Percentage: A percentage off will be applied to all qualifying products on the order form, even if the customer increases the quantity.
  2. Dollar value: A specific value amount will be subtracted from the subtotal.

For coupons on payment plans and subscription products, you can choose whether the discount applies to the first payment only or to all payments.

  • Setting up personal and group coupon codes
    To set up coupon codes, you’ll navigate to the sales tabSettingsthe coupon codes menu selection. From there you choose which type of coupon to create: personal or group coupons codes.
  • Select the green new coupon button, then select either “create personal coupons” or “create group coupons” depending on which one you want to create.
    1. Add in your desired selections. Click the blue save button.
    2. Fill in the coupon fields as prompted.
  • Sending coupon codes to contacts
  • Personal and group coupon codes are inserted as merge fields on Ontraport Pages, Ontraport Forms, Ontraport Email, SMS, postcards, tasks and inside WordPress sites integrated with PilotPress.

    1. Click the merge field icon and locate the coupon section. Coupons are listed by the name you selected when creating the coupon.
  • Enabling coupon codes on order forms
    1. Create a field on your order form where your customers can enter their coupon code. You can do this in your order form settings by selecting “Insert coupon code” from the configuration menu.
    2. After creating a coupon code, it can be added to an order form. The coupon codes available for a product are listed when adding or editing the product on the order form. Select the insert coupon code button from the configuration menu.
    3. The “enter coupon code” field will be displayed on the order form. When your customers enter the code, if the code is incorrect, a notice will be displayed; if the code is correct, a line is inserted below the coupon code showing the description and discount amount will appear.
    4. Note that in the contact record, the purchase history will include the coupon details.